How ISTQB certification can help jobseekers in Tunisia ?

Pourquoi la certification ISTQB ?
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Pourquoi la certification ISTQB niveau Foundation V.2018 ?

How ISTQB certification can help jobseekers in Tunisia ?

It is a fact that the Tunisian economy is not based on industry, it is rather based on services such as software development and consulting, as we can see that the number of software and consulting companies is constantly growing. Tunisia exports its services to Europe and mainly to France which has always been an important economic partner and a demanding one.

On the other had the job market in Tunisia is characterized by several features. Young graduates face so many obstacles in their job search journey for several reasons. First, unemployment rates are high among graduates of specialties such as exact sciences, electronics, management… because there is a huge gap between what students learn at universities and the skills and knowledge required by the job market. Added to that, the job market in Tunisia is small compared to the number of university graduates. Thus, employment rates are in constant increase as the number of university graduates increases. Accordingly, the competitiveness of the job market is growing as the latter absorbs only the most qualified people is a limited number of fields.

The circumstances of the Tunisian job market make unemployed people resort to different solutions, among which obtaining certificates in something else on which there is demand by employers. Many of them resort to software testing, for several reasons. The main reason behind this choice is that software testing is easy to learn as anyone who can use a software can test it. There is an example worth mentioning at this point; a Tunisian teenager found a Facebook bug and was paid 3000 dollars for his achievement. In fact, software testing is more like the Spot the differences game. We can compare a bug to the difference between the software expected by the customer and what the software which is being tested does. Besides, ISTQB trainees are taught the methods and techniques to find the maximum number of bugs and come up with the best software version thanks to the valuable content of the training, which was elaborated by scholars and experts in the field.

ISTQB is a key for Tunisian graduates in the midst of the present unemployment circumstances, because it is a certificate and a know-how in the software testing spatiality, which is in growing demand. Besides, it makes testers more efficient by training them to be up to date with the latest testing techniques and the client’s demands. Added to that, simply by mentioning that they are ISTQB certified on their CV, they give the recruiter a very good impression that they are taking the software testing job so seriously and willing to improve and be up to date with the latest innovations in the field. Recruiters in their turn want to impress their clients by recruiting ISTQB certified people, given that ISTQB certificate is recognized at the international level, worthy of trust and a guarantee of software Quality Assurance.